Information No.1611196834

Country Australia
Business Category Construction Equipment Rental
Deal Size (USD) Below 100mil
Other 【Target Industry/ Business】
1. Construction Equipment Rental, Construction-related Equipment/Material Rental
【Target Country/ Region】
1. Australia (Preferably operating in states other than Victoria as they have already acquired a Melbourne based company in 2020)
【Transaction Size】
1. Below 120 mil AUD
【Transaction Scheme】
1. Seek to acquire at the least a majority stake, preferably 100% stake.
1. Looking for a well-established company that has been profitable for the past few years.
2. Recently acquired a company in Victoria that makes around 65-70 mil AUD so the target should preferably be smaller.
3. Their plan is to expand the business into other parts of Australia such as Sydney, Brisbane, Perth etc., through add-on acquisitions to accelerate their growth.