Information No.1611196557

Country New Zealand
Business Category Distribution
Deal Size (USD) 10mil~20mil
Other 【Target Industry/ Business】
1. Distributor (Any kind of distributor is within their scope. For example, they acquired a distributor of marine-related products in the past)
2. They can also consider other industries as well. However, a business such as manufacturing which is labor-intensive will be out of their M&A scope.
【Transaction Size】
1. 10 mil – 20 mil SGD (Their usual deal size is 5 mil – 50 mil SGD. Since it will be their first foray into New Zealand, they prefer something smaller).
1. Prefer a company with less than 100 employees.
2. 2 mil – 5 mil SGD profit-wise (profitable and stable performance for the past few years).
3. High profit margin with a rather small revenue scale.
4. A company with competitive strengths besides their customer base or their scale of business.